Lucy Copp is an independent podcast producer and ethnographer from Providence, Rhode Island. After getting her masters in visual anthropology at the University of Southern California Lucy began experimenting with audio storytelling and found an intimacy with this medium that inspired her to start a podcast and eventually create JustVoices. Lucy has focused her audio work on issues related to the U.S. prison system, reporting for KCRW, Los Angeles' local NPR affiliate station, and helping local reentry organizations launch their own podcasts. 


Lucy is excited to further explore how first-person storytelling can set the record straight and help us all heal. 

Radio Stories



COVID-19 in California prisons: Who gets to go home early?

Between March and July, California released 3,500 incarcerated people in response to the pandemic.

Dec. 2 from Greater LA Listen 11 min



Patience plays a role in life after incarceration

In October, we brought you the story about Jonathyn Barber. He was convicted of second-degree murder for a fatal DUI collision. He served 16 years.

Feb. 18, 2020 from Greater LA Listen 5 min



Ritualizing the return: Former lifers welcome home the newly released

When a lifer steps out of prison after so many years, often decades, they are smacked with an onslaught of smells, sights, and unfamiliar sensations.

Dec. 24, 2019 from Greater LA  Listen 9 min

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