Life on the Outside

Life on the Outside is a bi-monthly podcast that documents the stories of those returning to society after serving life-sentences in prison. This transition, we learn, goes beyond the physical and taps into emotional and spiritual realms of our existence as well. Some former lifers need to reconcile with family members, many wrestle with survivor’s guilt, and most will try to live a life of amends, knowing what was lost for them to get here today. In a society that leaves little room for reconciliation, how does one heal? And what does justice look like? This audio piece digs into the inner turmoil of shame and the unearthing of self-forgiveness. 



VALIDATED is a new podcast produced entirely inside of Calipatria State Prison in California's Imperial Valley. The mission of this project is to help men tell their stories through narrative process. 

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The Other Death Penalty

‘The Other Death Penalty’ is a series of conversations about the experience and impact of serving life without the possibility of parole, also known as LWOP. This podcast is hosted by Kenneth E. Hartman, an activist and author who was once serving an LWOP sentence before being commuted by Governor Brown, and Lucy Copp, an independent podcast producer who has been volunteering in the prisons for six years across California.